Chery A3 can't start when engine suddenly fails.
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A Chery A3 three compartment 1.8AT car equipped with ACTECO-SQR481FC inline EFI engine. User response: the engine can not start normally when the engine is running out, and when it starts, the engine will automatically extinguish after starting 3S. Fault check: when using the KT600 computer diagnostic instrument to adjust the computer fault code of the engine, it shows "P1612Challenge request failure", when the computer fault code of the anti-theft system is taken, the connection interruption occurs, the high pressure test fire, the fire in the 3S starting, the non fire, the oil pump and the oil supply pipeline all normal, the oil pressure The power is also normal; the oscillograph is used to detect the injection pulse, and there is also a fuel injection pulse in the 3S and no fuel injection. It can be judged that the fault should occur in the anti-theft system. Check the anti-theft system components and lines, found that the anti-theft system computer power IB 15 fuse broken. Troubleshooting: replacing the new fuse wire, starting the test car, starting a successful start, and then using the KT600 computer diagnostic instrument Jinde to clear the engine computer fault code, and then read the "normal system"; read the anti-theft system computer fault code also show "normal system". At this point, the fault is completely eliminated. Fault analysis: the car is equipped with a parking computer security system. The system consists of ignition key, transmitter spoon coil, anti-theft system computer, engine computer and so on. The system uses an ignition key with a built-in wireless transmitter. When starting, the launch spoon coil around the ignition switch receives the ID cipher signal from the ignition key launch chip and sends it to the anti-theft system computer. The anti-theft system determines whether the ID password is matched with the stored secret code, if it matches the engine computer. 1 contact codes are issued to the computer of the anti-theft system. The security system computer can identify (matching) and then send out 1 instructions that allow the engine to start normally to the engine computer. After the engine is received, the normal ignition and fuel injection program will continue, and the engine is starting to start. Otherwise, even if the engine is started, the 3S will automatically extinguish after it is started. When IB15 fuse wire burns, the anti-theft system can not work because of no electricity, it can not send the normal starting instruction code to the engine computer, the engine can not start. Therefore, the vehicle equipped with a computer security system usually fails under the normal circumstances.