A 2011 golden morning car with a mileage of about 70 thousand km, equipped with a 4G20B2.0L electronic controlled gasoline engine and a five speed manual transmission. User response: the engine has poor dynamic performance and high fuel consumption....

Inspection and repair of common damage of piston
  • Automotive repair

When the piston works, the high speed reciprocating movement is done in the cylinder, and the relative speed of the cylinder wall can be as high as 1000 m/min, and it always bears the effect of high temperature and high pressure, and the factors such as heat dissipation and bad lubrication make the piston damage to varying degrees after a period of use. The common damage of piston is: crack, serious burning on top, ring groove has been trapezoid or side clearance exceeds the specified value. If the piston is damaged, the piston will not be repaired. When the above phenomenon is not available, the new piston ring can be used continuously. The piston and cylinder head and cylinder together con...

Turbocharger is the most effective measure to improve engine power and improve economy. It is also an inevitable way for engine strengthening. It has been widely used in large horsepower tractors and combined harvesters. However, in actual use, the turbocharger often causes early damage due to improper maintenance, resulting in engine power degradation, exhaust pipe black smoke or blue smoke and so on. In the repair and maintenance of turbocharger, many repairmen do not understand the working principle and structural characteristics of turbocharger, disassemble and unload and replace the parts blindly, and cause the performance decline of turbocharger. Since some of the important parts of th...

Maintenance of main parts of valve drive unit
  • Automotive repair

1. rocker arm and rocker shaft. The function of the rocker is to transfer the movement and force from the push rod and the cam to the valve and turn it on. The rocker arm is mounted on the rocker arm shaft, and the rocker arm shaft is mounted on the rocker arm seat, and the rocker arm seat is fixed on the cylinder head. The rocker arm bears great bending moment during swing, so it should have enough strength and rigidity and smaller quality. The rocker arm is a two arm lever with a rocker shaft as its pivot and two arms unequal. The short arm ends are machined with threaded holes for screwing into the valve clearance adjusting screws. The long arm end is processed into a circular arc surface...

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