Santana 2000 handsome car, assembled 01N transmission, in the process of shifting impact. Fault diagnosis: first, communicating with the owner, that the vehicle was repaired in a certain factory due to the stalling of the gear, and then there was a shift impact. The road test showed that there was a sense of impact when the 2 gear was up to 3 gears, and all the other gears were normal. Connect V. A. 55053 read code, no fault code. Read the data flow, the result does not find an exception, thereby eliminating the failure of the electronic control system. Next, the oil pressure test of the transmission is carried out. The D position pressure is 344.5 kPa, which indicates normal breakdown of hy...

Analysis and preventive measures for abnormal wear of tires
  • Automotive repair

The wear of the tire has natural wear and abnormal wear. Natural wear is a normal phenomenon in the use of tires, and the tire marks on the tire side before they go out. Some are triangular symbols. It shows that when the tread pattern is worn to this mark, the new tire should be replaced, because the draining performance and anti ligation performance of the tires will be greatly reduced at this time. Tire abnormal wear is the normal wear speed of the tire during running, and the abnormal shape of the tread. There are many forms of tire damage during normal operation, but the common form of damage is abnormal wear of tyres. It greatly shortens the normal service life of the tire. It shows th...

TOYOTA engine has a long starting time
  • Automotive repair

A TOYOTA car with a mileage of about 160 thousand km. User response: the starting time of the vehicle is significantly longer than that of other vehicles. To the 4S store warranty, when the car was confirmed, it was found that both in the cold car or the hot army all have the above phenomenon, and must pass through two consecutive starting to grudge the car, starting time above 6S. According to users, in addition to this fault, there is also accompanied by the phenomenon of slow acceleration. Fault analysis: using the detection instrument for diagnosis, the results show no DTC (fault code), but the idle speed of data flow shows, the long-term fuel correction value is up to 12.2%, and as the ...

Chery A3 can't start when engine suddenly fails.
  • Automotive repair

A Chery A3 three compartment 1.8AT car equipped with ACTECO-SQR481FC inline EFI engine. User response: the engine can not start normally when the engine is running out, and when it starts, the engine will automatically extinguish after starting 3S. Fault check: when using the KT600 computer diagnostic instrument to adjust the computer fault code of the engine, it shows "P1612Challenge request failure", when the computer fault code of the anti-theft system is taken, the connection interruption occurs, the high pressure test fire, the fire in the 3S starting, the non fire, the oil pump and the oil supply pipeline all normal, the oil pressure The power is also normal; the oscillograph is used t...

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