Nissan New 2.5 car with a mileage of about 39 thousand km. Before and after the car four small lights are not bright, a small light insurance will be broken. Fault diagnosis: after the car, first confirm the fault phenomenon, open the light switch, four small lights are not bright, the IPDM e/R fuse (marked with TAIL LAMP) pull down, found that has been burned, the use of multimeter current file no small light circuit current is 18.5A (with a small light fuse 10A), obviously too large, normal should 1A or so, said normal, 1A or so, said normal, 1A or so, said normal, 1A or so, said normal should be 1A and so, about 1A, said There is an iron lap phenomenon in the bright loop. In order to bett...

What is the difference between the shitter and the shakes?
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What is the failure of the wiper? When it rained last month, I found a little trembling. I didn't care. It shook again when it opened the rain today, and the windshield had a sudden drop in contact with the windshield, and the "kakkha" was ringing. According to this situation, there is a possibility that the position of the swinging arm and the rocker shaft of the wiper is not fixed or fixed, which leads to the contact of the windshield wiper under the windshield, thus giving out the abnormal sound. This can solve the problem by adjusting the position of the swing arm. It may also be that the swing arm is not completely parallel to the windshield. First, remove the wiper, and then paste the ...

The 2009 Volkswagen New Bora car with mileage of about 103 thousand km. When the car turns to the right, the steering wheel is thrown back, and the noise is heard from outside the front part of the car, which occurs frequently in the morning. Fault diagnosis: according to the fault phenomenon, when analyzing the output torque of the left axle, the torque of the wheel bearing clearance is abnormal. When the vehicle is stationary or straight in line, the bearing capacity of the wheel axle is relatively simple. Turning right to the maximum steering angle and turning to the main pin, the wheel bearing is not only subjected to the original force, but also by the steering force, such as the bearin...

Land Rover found that 4 could not run normally
  • Automotive repair

In 2012, Land Rover found a 4 sport utility vehicle with a mileage of about 60 thousand km. User reflection: the car can't drive normally. Inspection and analysis: the maintenance personnel commissioning test found that the automatic transmission of the vehicle has entered the protection mode, and the gear is locked in the 3 gear. Detection of transmission control unit, found fault code P0658---- electronic actuator power supply voltage is too low; P2716---- oil pressure regulating solenoid valve D failure. After reading the data flow of the transmission control unit, it is found that the supply voltage is 13.40V, but the power supply voltage of the execution element is 10.40V. Check the cir...

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