Car running deviation is a common problem. In most cases, the problem can be solved by doing four rounds of positioning. But sometimes, how to do four rounds of positioning is not good. This must be caused by other reasons. We must find a solution to the problem so as to thoroughly cure the malfunction of deviation. In addition to the four wheel alignment misalignment, the main factors that can cause the deviation may be: 1. The defective brake return of a wheel is not complete. This is equivalent to a partial braking of the wheels on the side, and driving will inevitably run away. During inspection, the temperature of the hub can be felt, for example, a wheel exceeds a number of other wheel...

Toyoda Kamimizu P0031 fault code, engine fault lights
  • Automotive repair

A customer response: a TOYOTA Camry engine fault light has come to the shop many times. After clearing the trouble code, it opened for a while. The fault light was lit again. There is no other unusual condition for the car to open. The technician checks the vehicle according to the customer's description. When the engine fault lights are on, there is no obvious abnormal condition when idle speed, acceleration and driving. Technicians use the IT2 intelligent diagnostic instrument to read the fault code as follows: P0031, oxygen (A/F) sensor, heater control circuit low (1 column 1 sensor). According to the maintenance manual analysis of the causes of failure: A/F sensor heater circuit circuit ...

A number of buses equipped with Weichai natural gas engine appeared to be powerless....

Honda accord turns on the engine after starting the engine
  • Automotive repair

A Honda accord car with a mileage of about 100 thousand km and a F22B1 engine. User response: after the car starts the engine, the dashboard engine fault light (CHECKENGINE lamp) has been lit. After receiving the car, the 2 needle diagnosis seat is found in the rear of the sundries box, two terminals are connected, the ignition switch is opened, the engine fault lights flicker and the reading fault code is 22, which means that the variable throttle pressure switch line is bad. The vehicle adopts the variable valve timing and electronic control hydraulic tappet mechanism, known as the VTEC control system. The engine control module is controlled by the engine speed signal, the speed signal coo...

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