What causes vehicle jitter? Why do vehicle jitter four?
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New car has been used for some time, some owners will find some small jitter, but do not know what is wrong. "Body jitter" is a signal that tells the owner of the car that something has gone wrong. Professional Master Yu told us that the body jitter seems trivial. If you do not pay attention to the test, it will cause big trouble. So, what is the cause of the body jitter? How can the owner of the car judge and solve it? If there is a slight jitter or offset in the car, it is generally a tire - caused failure. First of all, it may be that the balance of the tire is not good, and the owner needs to do a four wheel positioning and dynamic balance as soon as possible, if the vehicle does not run...

Many new and old drivers love to check their own vehicles, and even some owners like to do simple repairs and maintenance for their car without professional training. But it should be noted that if the operation is improper, it will cause danger. A truck driver in Guangzhou Baiyun District Sha Tai Road climbed into the bottom of the car to repair the car, because the right hand inadvertently rolled into the shaft, and finally died because of no one in time to save. According to subsequent inspection, the driver did not pay attention to safety operation when he repaired the car. At that time, the driver made two fatal mistakes when he repaired the car: when he stopped the car on the downhill ...

Do you know what a spare tire is? A spare tire is called a spare tire, that is, it is hung on the back of the car or in the trunk of the car, and you may not use that tire for the rest of your life. Most of the time, it will be there silently, waiting for one of the thousands of opportunities, and a bad wheel brother has an accident, so it can be used. Spare tire is very important for vehicle use, especially high speed travel. To avoid the impact of the journey, we must pay attention to the spare tire. Maybe someone has encountered such a situation, in the course of driving a tire caused by a failure and can not drive, thinking of replacing the spare tire, but found that the long-term no "ca...

In the use of vehicles, oil leakage often occurs, which will directly affect the technical performance of the automobile, resulting in the waste of lubricating oil and fuel, the consumption of power, the tidy vehicle capacity and environmental pollution. Due to the reduction of oil leakage and internal lubricating oil, poor lubrication and inadequate cooling will cause early damage to the parts and even cause accidents. Therefore, as one of the common faults, vehicle oil leakage fault is often listed as an important criterion and content to assess the quality of automobile assembly and repair as well as the protection of drivers. 1. product (accessories) quality, material or technology is no...

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