How to handle clutch failure in detail?
  • Automotive repair

When the engine is idle, the clutch pedal has been trampled to the end, but it is difficult to gear. After hanging up, the clutch pedal has not been released. The car has been exercised or flameout. Two. Check: remove the bottom cover of the clutch, put the transmission into the neutral gear and follow the clutch to the bottom. Then, use a screwdriver to move the follower. If you can easily rotate, it shows that the clutch is separated well; if the dial is not fixed, it shows that the clutch is not completely separated. Three, exclude: 1, check the clutch pedal free travel is too large, and adjust. 2, check whether the height of the separation lever is consistent and whether it is too low. W...

The Volkswagen Jetta car can't drive after the car hangs
  • Automotive repair

A Volkswagen Jetta car with a mileage of over 300 thousand km, equipped with Volkswagen's AG4 01 M 4 speed electronic controlled automatic transmission, 2002. Car owners reflect: this car sometimes hanging in the D position, after normal driving, such as traffic signal light pedal brake pedal parking, again starting when the vehicle can not drive, at this time the transmission pole placed in 3, 2 and R position can not drive, and the transmission lever in the 1 position can drive. According to the phenomenon described by the user, the technician can experience the real fault of the car by himself. Because this fault does not appear frequently, it can get the characteristics of the fault for ...

A mileage of about 18 thousand km and 2011 2.7L equipped with 2.7L engine found 4. Car owner Description: during the use of the vehicle, there are several alarm lights intermittently appearing at the same time, while the engine performance is limited, and the failure phenomenon is disappeared after the fire is restarted....

BMW 740Li CID shows engine power decline
  • Automotive repair

A 2009 740Li BMW car with a mileage of about 35 thousand km. Vehicle owners reflect: the engine fault lights of the car are bright, and CID shows engine power drop. The fault is only 120 to 140km/h when running high speed, and it is normal after restarting after the fire....

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