What's the problem with the light right weight of the steering wheel? Reader Wu asked: when driving a steering wheel, a car can always feel left, right and right. What is the reason? Reply: this may be related to the usual driving habits, some people in the direction of the direction of the right direction is more powerful than the left, if long time such power system will be compensated according to the operating habits, that is, the process of learning, in the direct process of support system will be based on the default of the factory. Set up for compensation. Or in the near future, the direction of the left direction is slightly larger, to see if it can be compensated. What does the skyl...

Fault diagnosis of high speed black smoke and so on
  • Automotive repair

Reader Wu asked: my car has been used for six years, but recently found that when the car is running, the engine speed is relatively high, how to deal with it? Reply: for this kind of phenomenon, first of all, may be the problem of the clutch, the use of longer time wear and tear, if now feel the power and not too much change, then can continue to use, if there is a change, you need to change the clutch kit. Secondly, it may also be the instrument itself problem, that is, the instrument instruction is not allowed. Reader Mr. Tang asked: Recently, when I was using a car, I noticed that there was black smoke coming out when the car was speeding up. What is the reason for this? Reply: this may ...

How to deal with a car's engine trouble light
  • Automotive repair

At the end of the year, the Spring Festival Spring Festival trip was introduced to the agenda early. Owners who are going to drive home also need to start working on the car before a long journey. There are many discussions about such maintenance at the auto forum, and the most frequently discussed posts on "three Yuan catalysis" are the most heated discussions. The same as the local forum in Jinhua, this slightly professional word suddenly entered the line of sight of the Jinhua owners, what is the three yuan catalyst. What's going to happen to maintain it. On the forum, the three cars met the three yuan catalyst problem. "The car also often appeared the phenomenon of engine fault light fre...

Failure cause and overhaul of brake overrun brake failure
  • Automotive repair

The brake pedal is too large, the braking effect is slow, the braking efficiency is low or even lost, and the braking distance increases. Causes of failure: 1. Brake oil pressure is insufficient. (brake master cylinder is short of oil, brake line ruptures, tubing joint leakage, oil line blockage). 2. There is air in the brake system. 3, brake pedal free travel or brake clearance is too large, brake shoes friction contact is not good, wear serious or oil pollution. 4, brake master cylinder, wheel cylinder piston and cylinder wear or tear, leather bowl aging damage. Troubleshooting: 1, continuously step down the brake pedal, such as the pedal gradually increase and have a flexible feeling, but...

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