A new generation full Shun gasoline car, the car's engine speed will fluctuate back and forth between 800 and 900r/min for 2 times when the car is skidding, and the engine speed can only be about 3200r/min after hanging into 5 gear, and the speed of the car can only go to 120km/h, and the gas door also feels the power is difficult to go up, but there is no such time in several other gears. Elephant, and when the 4 gear is hung up, the engine speed can reach 4000r/min. The corresponding fault code is read, indicating the failure of the electronic throttle. Replacement immediately, but failure still exists. And then replaced the ignition coil, fuel injector, exhaust pipe (including pre oxygen ...

The increasingly complex technology of automobile makes the traditional automobile maintenance technology can not meet the requirements of the development of the times, so the use of new technology has become the inevitable choice of automobile maintenance. Compared with traditional detection technology, data flow technology has many advantages and will be widely used in vehicle maintenance....

As winter continues, some of the small problems of cars begin to appear as the temperature continues to fall. Recently, Mr. Zhang, who lives in Shuangliu, entered the hotline. In the past week, he found it very difficult to drive in the morning. Sometimes he had to fight several times to fight. At the same time, in the process of driving, often can hear abnormal sound. If a car is difficult to encounter in winter, we should first check the spark plug. The spark plug is the key of the automobile ignition system, and the ignition system is the key point of the engine work. Therefore, the performance of the spark plug is related to the performance and efficiency of the vehicle. How to pick the ...

MITSUBISHI Monteiro cruise system does not respond
  • Automotive repair

A MITSUBISHI Montreal off-road vehicle with a mileage of more than 200 thousand km has no effect in using the cruise control system to manipulate the control button. First of all, the road test for the car is carried out. When the speed exceeds 40km/h, the main control switch is pressed by the main control switch, the main switch indicator light is light, and the SET button of the integrated control switch is pressed, and the work indicator of the cruise system is not bright. After many operations, there was no reaction....

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