A 2007 year old Accord 2. 4L car with a mileage of about 113 thousand km. Car owner reflection: the car idle speed is too high, in the 4S shop did the engine free cleaning, the idle speed resumed normal, but to turn the 2~3 ignition switch to normal starting condition....

In the course of using automobile, it is inevitable that there will be trouble. For experienced drivers, it is usually "one step" to find the problem. Most people are often helpless when they face trouble. Now come to learn to find a fault for yourself. Vehicle faults can be roughly divided into three parts:;, such as steering, braking, transmission parts, etc. Among them, the circuit fault is divided into high voltage circuit and low voltage circuit fault. In actual use, about 60% of the vehicle's faults are circuit faults. 30%, on the oil circuit, most of these faults can be eliminated. Only about 10% are running system failures. These faults are mechanical faults. Most of the vehicles can...

Passat B4 01M automatic transmission shift impact and slip
  • Automotive repair

A car with a mileage of over 280 thousand km and a AG4 01 M electronic control 4 front speed transmission in 1996 imported the Passat B4 car....

How to handle clutch failure in detail?
  • Automotive repair

When the engine is idle, the clutch pedal has been trampled to the end, but it is difficult to gear. After hanging up, the clutch pedal has not been released. The car has been exercised or flameout. Two. Check: remove the bottom cover of the clutch, put the transmission into the neutral gear and follow the clutch to the bottom. Then, use a screwdriver to move the follower. If you can easily rotate, it shows that the clutch is separated well; if the dial is not fixed, it shows that the clutch is not completely separated. Three, exclude: 1, check the clutch pedal free travel is too large, and adjust. 2, check whether the height of the separation lever is consistent and whether it is too low. W...

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