BMW X5 abnormal noise at high speed
  • Automotive repair

A BMW X5 with a mileage of about 104 thousand km and equipped with a E53 engine in 2005. Customer response: when the vehicle turns, retreats and accelerates rapidly, the chassis has a "loud noise", and its voice is heavy and harsh. At the same time, the customer also reflected that this vehicle was an accident which occurred after the accident and after maintenance, and it had been two years ago....

With the advent of the Spring Festival holiday, the difficult situation of one ticket has spread all over the country, and many owners have decided to drive home. Since it is a long journey, there must be some unexpected situations. Here we also provide you with some common solutions. 1, the emergency measures for the water leakage of the radiator pipe, when the radiator is broken in and out of the water hose, it can be wound with cloth, and the plastic cloth and cotton cloth with high strength can be folded together in the leakage place, and then the method of fine wire rope is used for first aid. If the inner core tube breaks down, the outer heat sink can be cut off, repaired with the tip ...