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An electrothermal actuator consisting of a thermal element and a PTC heating element. It widely used in central heating, household heating by gas fired and industrial flow control valves.

electricthermal actuator

When the temperature of the environment reaches the set temperature of electrothermal actuator, the PTC heating element in the electrothermal actuator begins to work and the wax element is heated to turn off the valve. On the contrary, when the ambient temperature is reduced to the preset temperature, the PTC heating element stops working, the actuator is cooled, the wax element is cooled and the valve opens.

heating product

The electrothermal actuator is divided into Normally Open and normally closed (Normally Closed). Normally open type means that the control valve controlled by the actuator is in the open state without power, and is closed when the power is switched off. Conversely, it is often closed. In the heating system, it is necessary to use often open type. If using normally closed type, the valve is in the closed state in the case of accidental power failure. If the water in the pipeline is frozen because of the temperature drop, the product expansion will damage the pipeline system. In air conditioning systems, normally closed actuators are usually used.