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The thermostatic mixing valve is a matching product of the thermal heating system. It is widely used in electric water heaters, solar water heaters and central heating water systems. Thermostatic mixing valve can also be applied to electric water heaters and solar water heaters. Users can manually adjust the mixing temperature of hot and cold water according to their needs. The water temperature can reach the predetermined temperature quickly, and is not affected by the change of water temperature, flow rate and water pressure, so as to solve the problem that the temperature of the bath center is hot and cold. When the cold water is interrupted, the thermostatic mixing valve can automatically turn off the hot water in a few seconds to play the role of safety protection.

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Working principle

At the mixed outlet of Thermostatic mixing valve, a thermal sensor is fitted with thermal actuator to move the valve core in the valve body to block or open the intake of cold and hot water. The valve opens the hot water at the same time of blocking the cold water. When the temperature adjustment knob sets a temperature, no matter how the cold and hot water inlet temperature and pressure change, the proportion of cold and hot water entering the outlet also changes, so that the temperature of the effluent is always kept constant. The thermostat knob can be set in the temperature range specified by the product, and the Thermostatic mixing valve will automatically maintain the effluent temperature.