The Volkswagen glass lifter can't work
  • Automotive repair

A mileage car with a mileage of about 30 thousand km, carrying a CLS engine and a 09G automatic transmission in 2013. User response: all doors and windows of the car can not work. Inspection and analysis: the maintenance personnel test the car, found whether to operate the driver's side elevator switch, or the individual operation of the door elevator switch, the 4 doors of glass elevator do not work. Using diagnostic VAS6150, it is found that the fault code is stored in 09 central electrical control unit: 03020 - local data line 2 circuit failure. The data flow of the elevator switch is read, and it is found that the control unit does not respond to the operation of the switch when pressing...

TOYOTA Lexus LS400 headlights
  • Automotive repair

Troubleshooting: (1) failure causes analysis causes both sides of the headlights are not bright causes: 1) protect the fuse of the headlamp circuit. 2) the headlamp controls the damage of the relay. 3) the light control switch is damaged. 4) headlamp wiring connection has bad contact or loose. 5) the filament on both sides of the headlights is burned. (2) the failure probability of the headlights is different, the probability of the burning of the headlights at both sides is small, and the probability of the fuse to burn out is relatively large. Therefore, first check the fuse and pull out the headlamp circuit fuse (10A) from the fuse box of the cab, and the fuse path is not burnt. The conne...

TOYOTA Prado engine idling and accelerating powerless
  • Automotive repair

A car with a mileage of about 180 thousand kilometers, using a 4 L V6 engine and a model 1GR of TOYOTA Prado 4 LVX. User response: the engine's idle speed jitter, acceleration is weak, engine fault lights are lit. Fault judgement: read the fault code with the decoder, showing that the relative position of the camshaft is wrong (column 2). According to the analysis of fault code hints, the possible causes include timing error, timing control valve failure, Holzer sensor phase fault, mixture gas concentration, combustion bad, three element catalytic blockage and so on. Following the basic inspection of the vehicle, after the dismantling, it is found that the 2 side cylinder spark plugs are obv...

The good debate between natural inspiratory and turbocharged engines has not stopped, especially many people have misunderstandings about the maintenance and maintenance of turbocharged engines. It is considered that there is no natural aspirating engine, which has been at a disadvantage in the debate, and the second second hand car in Guangzhou shows some of the mistakes. Mistake. Many people think that the speed of a turbocharged engine in a congested section is not going to go, this is wrong. It is mainly to see how the turbine will play a role in the speed of the turbo. The early engine has a high speed to be able to play a role, so there is this defect, and now there is a great improvem...

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