The TOYOTA car can't start normally
  • Automotive repair

A mileage TOYOTA km TOYOTA multi-function vehicle with a mileage of about 30 thousand km. Users reflect: the car is difficult to start successfully, no matter how cold or hot. After receiving the vehicle: confirm the fault symptoms, start the starter running normally, but the engine can not drive. Using the diagnostic instrument to self diagnose the engine system, the result has multiple fault codes, and the contents are as follows: P0300, meaning for cylinder random occurrence of multiple fire deficiency; P0301, meaning 1 cylinder lack fire; P0302, meaning 2 cylinder fire lack; P0303, meaning 3 cylinder fire deficiency; P0304, meaning 4 cylinder fire lack; P0172, system state too strong. Th...

Malfunction repair of flameout of Lexus LS400 engine
  • Automotive repair


Volkswagen Golf 6 engine sometimes accelerates powerless
  • Automotive repair

A 2011 Volkswagen Golf 6 1.4TSI car with a mileage of about 30 thousand km. User response: when the vehicle is running, the engine sometimes loses its strength. After receiving the car: first test the car to confirm the fault phenomenon, indeed as the customer described. Connect VAS5052A to check vehicle related electrical control system, read the fault code is: 00665 - boost pressure control has not reached the control limit static. It is normal to check the external pipeline of the turbocharger according to the fault code, and the connection of the turbocharger pressure limit solenoid valve (N75) and the turbocharger air recirculating solenoid valve (N249). Check the engine data flow 115 s...

Idling jitter fault of BMW 730Li car
  • Automotive repair

A car with a mileage of about 70 thousand km and a F02 730Li powered BMW 730Li car equipped with N54 engines. User reflection: the car idling jitter. Inspection and analysis: the maintenance personnel tried the car and found that the car had good performance except for idling jitter. Detect engine control unit and find fault code 274E - multiple cylinder misfire. After the fault code is cleared, the engine is idle, and the same failure code appears again as the jitter continues. After the fault code is removed, the idle speed is increased to 2000 r/min. At this time, the engine runs smoothly, and the fault code does not appear again. As the fault occurs only in the idle phase of engine opera...

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