1. first, start the engine, use the fault diagnosis instrument or water temperature meter to observe whether the water temperature is too high, or if the pressure is not enough with the finger, if the water temperature is high, the pressure is insufficient to explain the lack of antifreeze night and further check the location of the leak proof liquid: full car water pipe, water tank, water pump, lower intake air cushion, warm air tank if it leaks. Leakage of antifreeze fluid; by checking the oil gauge, oil cover, if milky white, then dismantling the engine and checking the leak location....

The Beijing Cherokee (Chetokee) Jeep instrument panel has an engine inspection (CHECK ENGINE) lamp that stores the fault information in the memory when the self diagnostic system of the engine ECU detects a sensor or a system, and displays the fault code through the flicker of the "CHECK" lamp. Fault information can also be obtained by using Chrysler's DRB II diagnostic tester. It should be pointed out that the fault code can only indicate the result of the system failure, but it does not necessarily identify the specific components....

Reset method for maintenance indicator of Chery model
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1. son of the East...

Troubleshooting of the throttle sensor of the accord car
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Guangzhou Honda accord 2. 4 cars are soaked in the engine because of wading. The water enters the engine cylinder, the connecting rod is bent, the owner of the engine is overhauled in a repair plant. When the factory is out, the repairman finds that the shift lever cannot hang into the D position at the P position, and the vehicle can not drive....

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