Troubleshooting of BMW X5 CAN line
  • Automotive repair

Maintenance review: CAN line fault, in vehicle maintenance, is a relatively complex, difficult to deal with the failure category, a lot of technical personnel in the line, for this kind of fault is also more headache. This requires the maintenance personnel to have a comprehensive understanding of the network control technology, the maintenance of specific vehicle models should also understand the comprehensive, and have a deep CAN system diagnostic foundation, so that the maintenance of such failures is easy.)...

The mileage is about 146 thousand km, the Santana 2000GSi car equipped with AJR engine and manual transmission. During the driving process, the charging indicator light does not go out. Fault diagnosis: after the test, it is found that when the vehicle runs normally and the engine and generator speed is above the medium speed, the charging indicator has always been in a constant light state. The possible causes are analyzed as follows: generator failure, regulator failure, and line contact resistance. First check the tightness of the drive belt between the engine crankshaft end pulley and the generator pulley, press the fan drive belt with the hand thumb, the deflection of the drive belt is ...

Occasional failure of Ford S-MAX business car wiper
  • Automotive repair

The mileage is about 50 thousand Km, and the model is CD340's 2012 Changan Ford S-MAX commercial vehicle. User response: the car wiper sometimes acts on its own during driving. Inspection and analysis: through communication with the users, the maintenance personnel learned that this situation only happened 2 times. When the vehicle was running, the wiper began to turn without any action. After scraping for several times, the wipers returned to normal. According to the result of inquiring, it is judged that the fault is intermittent fault. Using IDS to self diagnose the vehicle, the historical fault read almost covers all the system of the whole vehicle without judging the truth or false. Cle...

The Toyoda Kami fan has been running at high speed
  • Automotive repair

Mileage of about 50 thousand km, equipped with 3 VZ - FE engine and automatic transmission TOYOTA Camry car. User response: after the car starts the engine, the cooling fan at the back of the radiator runs at high speed regardless of the temperature of the coolant or whether the air conditioning system is turned on. Troubleshooting: after inspection, it is found that the car is equipped with an electronically controlled hydraulic fan control system. The fan ECU is the control center of the system, and the speed of the fan is controlled by the hydraulic flow rate. To confirm the fault symptoms, it is found that the cooling fan has been running at high speed when the air conditioning cooling a...

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